Mojiba Ase’ is a spiritually driven, strong, vibrant, humanitarian, music- lover, super creative and poetic. Many believe her to be a mogul. She is also known as Moji or Count Ossie Pickney. Raised in Kingston Jamaica. She lived in New York City for a few years after graduating from High School. Mojiba Ase’ is the proud daughter of Constance Norma Priestley and the Legendary Count Ossie, who happens to be one of Jamaica’s most respected and loved Musical and Cultural Icon of all times. Count Ossie fought for the freedom of Rasta Music in his time. He also taught the world priceless lessons about Africa and the value of Peace, Love & Jah Rastafari. Count Ossie inherited the title, ‘God of the Drums.’ He was also the founder of the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. Mojiba Ase’ is a powerful motivator, researcher, inspirational writer, spoken artist, designer, numerologist, vegetarian cook, event planner, host, make-up artist, model, actress, interviewer, write and heal therapist and Reggae music agent. At a young age, shortly after the transition of her parents, she was left traumatised, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Mojiba was spiritually paralyzed for many years. It was the Omnipotence of God that intervened and turned her aches into opportunities and victory. Surrendering to the Most High kept her together. Her suffering caused her to develop a strong passion for writing, silence, praying and meditation. Her deep love for words & writing became her saving grace. She was guided to write her first book of poetry titled Amowode, which was self-published in 2007. The birth of her book Akette Fundeh Love book was written in 2013, it poetically tells the story of the Legendary Count Ossie and her life story. It is not yet released to the public. Mojiba’s intense beauty and personality has granted her a number of acting lead roles in TV commercials, extras in movies and music videos. Namely, the Jamaica’s fifty Music Video Tribute 2012, produced by international artist Shaggy, ‘I’m on a Mission’, Rseenal, Iyah Gift & Makonnen,‘What Kinda Herbs,’ Tarrus Riley ‘Stay With You,’ Richie Spice ‘Black Woman, ‘Stevie Face, ‘I’m in Love,’ T.O.K ‘Chi Chi Man,’ I Wayne ‘Girl I Love You,’ Mr.Vegas, ‘Grass Cart,’ Nature, ‘Hold On’ and most recently, Rockers Element ‘Meet and Greet,’ Tonto & Devonte’, ‘Everyone Falls In Love,’ Masta Keyss & Riff Coral, ‘Keeping the Peace.’ Mojiba’s online daily utterances, quotations, poetry & life journey richly motivates people globally. Her life testimony was the cover story featured in Testimony Christian magazine published in 2007, it has proven to have positive effects globally. She will a columnist and the face of Tribal Beauty's first release, an upcoming Caribbean magazine in 2017. Mojiba Ase' has performed on several occasions with The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. She mesmerizes minds with her beauty, humanitarian traits, her magnetism, wisdom and poetical nature. Some of the most popular spots in Jamaica, such as Redbones Jazz and Blues Café, She Sup’m, Green 4 Life Festival, Calabash, The Institute of Jamaica, Grosvenor Art Gallery, Ashanti Vegetarian Restaurant has witnessed her live and direct. She is the happy founder of S.I.P, ForIva Africa Innertainment, Self Love School, Ajala, I AM, 17 S.I.S.T.A.R, Moje Veg Kitchen, M.I.C. Writer’s Government, Man & Wombman. Mojiba has hosted several live shows in Jamaica such as ‘Live In the City’ January 10, 2015, I Revolt, October 2014, W.I.S.H in 2014 and Chill In the Hills Reggae Bar on March 29.2015. Her Writings, infectious smile, healing voice, knowledge and wisdom makes her outstanding. She has created at least 30 educational, inspirational groups/pages on Facebook. Highly confident being who openly worships Love, Truth, Writing, Creativity and Mother Nature. She is light to all who knows her. Mojiba is promoting her first official single Rastafari Know, executive producer Ras Nik, produced by Kris Khemist (Reality Shock). It features her daughter Countess Genesis and veteran producer and dub poet, Cashima Steele of Creation Music. Rastafari Know is also available on Itunes. The next single Rubba Dub Love is slated for release in June 2017. The Mogul is currently working on her first Spoken Art album titled 11:11 Reflekshon of Count Ossie. Mojiba Life Booklet Series, Peace Over Anger, Tales of Count Ossie and Sky Words are available for purchase. Mojiba Ase' Black Rasta Woman EP was released on May 2.2017, a classic production by Unrulee Records. “Love yourself by any means necessary and always give thanks for the breath of life. Light and Love to the world!” – One Perfect Love- Mojiba Ase’