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Life is a product of thoughts and feelings. Love is the foundation of existence. Honor the Most High and goodness in all, including Thyself. Give thanks for the breath of life daily and its creative elements.

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"Sometimes we don't realise how simple things are until things get too hard to deal with.  All experiences can lead into greater dimensions.  SOURCE is always willing and present,  if all eyes would just stay open."
Rastafari Know is a powerful track. It was inspired by the reality of some of the people I know, who claim to be who and what they are not. It is collaboration with my daughter Countess Genesis (7years of age) alongside veteran producer and dub poet Cashima Steele. It was blissfully produced by Kris Kemist. A special thanks to RASTAFARI and my executive manager Selecta RasNik for making Rastafari Know a reality and of course a success!

Available on Digital download &  soon on CD featuring special remixes

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Black Rasta Woman
( Poetry In Dub  EP )

The amazing EP is now here.
Black Rasta Woman AKA Blakh Rasta Wombman, Produced by Unrulee Records, music from Diciples Riddim Section, Three vocal tracks and three dub tracks.

Black Rasta Woman, Love Divine AKA Divine Love Culture, Food Nah Sweet A One Man Mouth.
Rubba Dub Love

The second track to be released from the amazing debut album
11:11 Reflekshon Of Count Ossie
11:11 Reflekshon of Count Ossie

Reflekshon of Count Ossie is an emotional, spiritual, educational poetical album. It consists of profound wisdom, love and knowledge. A combination of reasonings, spoken art and utterances.
Also Availible On CD ( Compact Disc )
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